Wish Zucchero a happy birthday!

As you all surely know, on september 25th Zucchero will celebrate his birthday, and right on that day he’ll be performing a sold-out gig in Verona! What a nice way to celebrate!

If you also would like to wish Zucchero a happy birthday, check out this video and follow the instructions!

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  1. Mark MUnro 13 anni fa

    Happy Birthday Zucchero!

    I am a 41 year old guy and a friend of mine brought one of your CDs over to play about 6 months ago and I have not stopped enjoying your music since. I have bought 2 of your Cds and as I am in Australia it seems that they are very rare….

    Have a fantatic Birthday Mate, from one of your newest fans!


  2. Duke Skinner 13 anni fa

    Happy Birthday Zucchero!

    I fell in love with your music in the summer of 1991 when Enzo, the Italian bus driver on our 28 day grand tour of Europe played your Zucchero album at least 5 times every day. Sense Una Donna became our theme song. How beautiful it was to stare out of the window listening to Wonderful World or Dunes of Mercy. It made the memories more intense and added a great soundtrack to the hours of videos taken as we passed through the countryside. Thank you for your music and sharing it with the world. Our souls are grateful.

    Unfortunately I missed you in San Diego, California some years ago. Now living in LA, hope you will have a concert here. Hope one day that some of your music will make it into a feature film of mine. Until then, I’ll be inspired by your gift.


  3. Michal 13 anni fa

    Hi guys, how was it? Did Zucchero watch video-wishes from youtube or not? Please tell us, thanx

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