Zucchero for the first time on the silver screen

ZUCCHERO makes his first appearance on the silver screen with the documentary film “ZUCCHERO – Sugar Fornaciari”, directed by Valentina Zanella and Giangiacomo De Stefano.

The film, which will be premiered at the eighteenth edition of the “Festa del Cinema” in Rome on October 21st, and will show in theatres on October 23rd, 24th and 25th, tells the story of this extraordinary artist through his own words as well as those of his colleagues and friends, including Bono, Sting, Brian May, Paul Young, Andrea Bocelli, Salmo, Francesco Guccini, Francesco De Gregori, Roberto Baggio, Jack Savoretti, Don Was, Randy Jackson and Corrado Rustici. A journey into the soul which, thanks to footage taken from Zucchero’s own personal archive and from the “World Wild Tour”, his latest triumphant world tour, goes beyond the portrait of the successful musician and into the doubts and fragility of the man himself.

”Zucchero is consistent in his contradictions, and that’s why he’s so interesting”, declare directors Valentina Zanella and Giangiacomo De Stefano, “He has a vibrant personality which combines the culture of Emilia, to which he returns in the songs he has written in recent years, with the place where he started his career, la Versilia. Emilia is his bridge with the United States, with the blues and with that rural culture which emigration spread throughout the new continent, and which has returned to us and obviously to Zucchero through music. So Zucchero made a connection between that rural culture and black American culture. A risky operation, and one with an extremely low likelihood of success, but one which has been hugely successful throughout the world. Zucchero is a son of the twentieth century, a musical innovator of his time who skilfully blends the sounds of roots music with contemporary musical trends”.

“ZUCCHERO – Sugar Fornaciari” is a K+ production in collaboration with Adler Entertainment and Ela Film, distributed by Adler Entertainment.

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