On November 1st the new single on radio and on sale on iTunes “Quale senso abbiamo noi”

On November 1st the new single on radio and on sale on iTunes “Quale senso abbiamo noi”

The track is taken from the live album  “UNA ROSA BLANCA” to be released on December 3rd

Zucchero is back with a live album, “Una Rosa Blanca”, containing the recording of the legendary and unic concert Zucchero had in La Havana, Cuba, in the evening of December 8th, 2012.

“Una Rosa Blanca” will be released on Universal Music on December 3rd: it’s a double album containing the live cd plus the original album “La Sesion Cubana”, already released in November last year.

“Una rosa blanca” is anticipated by the previously unreleased single “Quale senso abbiamo noi”, on radio and on all digital stores from November 1st.

The track, produced by Zucchero and Don Was, has been recorded in La Havana on August 2012, during the recording session of “La Sesion Cubana”: “The track was supposed to be part of the album, but the lyrics were not yet ready; it has been finished only on a later stage with the help of Tricarico” (an italian author) Zucchero says. “How many people thinks to know the truth, the sense of life, where to go and what to do. Politicans, managers, arrogant women and men, the Church, some meddlers that would like to take care of you promising you the heaven. They’re always apparently so sure about what they do in their crazy clearness! But I don’t care about their clearness!!!”

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