Special content on Zucchero’s official social media and on Radio Italia to celebrate a record-breaking album


On June 13th 1989, “Oro, Incenso & Birra” was released. This was Zucchero’s sixth album and represents a milestone in his body of work, as it was through this release that he established himself as a true international star.

The album achieved the incredible distinction of becoming one of the best-selling Italian albums in the world, exceeding 8 million copies, and is still in demand today both in Italy and abroad.


To celebrate the 26th anniversary of the release of “Oro, Incenso & Birra”, a number of initiatives have been organised:

– Every day, Zucchero’s official social networks will publish photos, videos, anecdotes, curiosities and rare and previously unreleased material from 1989, all taken directly from the artist’s personal archive.

– All Zucchero’s fans who send in a photo of themseleves with their copy of the album, or other memorabilia related to the release of “Oro, Incenso & Birra”, will have their photo published on Zucchero’s official Facebook page, and they will be able to tag themselves and share the image with all their friends.

– Radio Italia, an official partner in this initiative, will play a track from the album every day between the 4th and the 11th of June, and on June 12th will celebrate “Oro, Incenso & Birra Day” day by playing all the tracks from the album and hosting Zucchero in an exclusive telephone interview.

– official hashtag: #oroincensoebirra


“Oro, Incenso & Birra” was recorded in Memphis (USA), New York (USA), Bath (England) and Modena (Italy).

The tracklist is a veritable procession of classics from Zucchero’s repertoire and of Italian music as a whole, an array of immortal songs featuring collaborations with famous Italian and international artists:

Overdose (D’Amore) – with the voice of Rufus Thomas in the introduction

Nice (Nietzsche) Che dice

Il Mare Impetuoso Al Tramonto Salì Sulla Luna E Dietro Una Tendina Di Stelle… – with Clarence Clemons’ unmistakabe saxophone

Madre Dolcissima

Diavolo In Me – introduced with a sermon by the “reverend” Arthur Miles

Iruben Me

A Wonderful World – with Eric Clapton on guitar

Diamante – lyrics written by Francesco De Gregori

Libera L’Amore – music written and arranged by Ennio Morricone


The “Oro, Incenso & Birra” stadium tour was, like the album, a huge success: 41 sold-out shows in stadiums all over Italy, some of them enhanced by special guest appearances by great artists such as Miles Davis, Joe Coker, Ray Charles, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Paul Young, Clarence Clemons, The Blues Brothers Band, Solomon Burke and Eddie Floyd.

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