You’ve chosen me (Hai scelto me)

Written by Zucchero

Translated by Frank Musker

Published By: Warner Chappell Mus.Italy

Produced by Corrado Rustici

Mixed by Gordon Lyon

Arranged by Corrado Rustici

(P) 1990 Universal Music Italia Srl

You’ve chosen me,
Oh no….
When it happens

I’ve chosen you
I don’t know
When it happens

Changes my life to a love song
This love is so strong
You’ve chosen me
And now that I, I’ve…..

I’ve chosen you
Oh, oh, my love
Let it happen
Changing my life to a love song

Changing my life to a love song
This road is so long
I’m a runaway train going off the rails

My love is so strong
I don’t know why
If you…..

You’ve chosen me
Oh pass my way
If it happens.

Copyright Zucchero & Fornaciari Music Srl 2016 - Tutti i diritti riservati

UNIVERSAL MUSIC ITALIA s.r.l. Via Benigno Crespi, 19 - 20159 Milano P.IVA IT03802730154

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