Unknown lands

How many verses
Have I written for you
How many skies
Have I hidden for you
Covered in bites
remorses for you
Almost wind
Invented by you

Waiting for the snow
When Christmas comes, and again
Covering the houses
And all the ugly things, again, now

How many dreams
Have I dreamt for us
How many holes
Have I emptied for us

My brothers of snow
Now Christmas is coming again
Where are we going and who are we
Where are you and what are you doing then, and now?

No more, baby no more
No more, with me
Love, baby love
Love, for you

I’m waiting for the snow
Like grasshoppers and cicadas, again
I’m waiting for the snow
To cover the ugly things, now
Unknown lands and my
Unknown life are, again

Now, let’s play tombola
Do you want to?

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