2008 – 2009


The ALL THE BEST WORLD TOUR 2008 starts at the end of March. The touring band is formed as follows: Polo Jones (bass), David Sancious (keyboards and guitar), Kat Dyson (guitar and vocals), Mario Schilirò (guitar), Adriano Molinari (drums). The tour will bring them in Europe’s main cities with memorable concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, the Kremlin, San Siro, Rock in Rio in Madrid, Hyde Park in London etc…

New radiophonic single “Tutti i colori della mia vita”

End of the tour’s first leg in Milan with the “San Siro Stadium Theatre”: for one single night the San Siro stadium is changed into the greatest theater of the world; the musician’s band is joined in this occasion by a brass section made up of : Massimo Greco (trumpet and flugelhorn), James Thompson (tenor sax, barytone sax and flute) and Beppe Caruso (trombone and bass trombone)

He takes part in the Energy Globe Awards staged in the venerable Plenary Room of Bruxelles’ legislative body, the seat of the European Parliament.

He takes part in the London 46664 (Hyde Park) for Nelson’s Mandela’s 90th birthday. The event takes on stage some of the most important international stars such as Will Smith, the Queen and Annie Lennox. On the occasion Zucchero sings “Everybody’s got to learn sometime” with the exceptional guest Jivan Gasparyan.

Following the huge success of the San Siro Stadium Theatre, an Italian tour in the arenas begins, repeating the success experienced in Milan.

Zucchero is back in the United States and in Canada for the ALL THE BEST WORLD TOUR where, one year after, he performs again at the New York Carnegie – once again it’s sold out.

He takes part in the memorial and concert “Salute Petra” in honour of Luciano Pavarotti within the splendid frame of Petra in Jordan. During the tribute concert he sings: “Nel Così Blu”, “Va, Pensiero” and “Miserere” in a virtual duet with the celebrated tenor.

At the same time of the memorial concert a cd and a dvd by Luciano Pavarotti are published, including Miserere where the artist sang with Zucchero during the first Pavarotti & Friends.

He is involved in a tribute night dedicated to Jivan Gasparyan organized in Yerevan in Armenia together with Peter Gabriel, Andreas Vollenweider, Alan Parson and other great artists.

In November, release of the documentary film “EFFEDIA – SULLA MIA CATTIVA STRADA”. An extract of the video recording of “Ho visto Nina volare”, filmed on the 12th of March 2000 during the concert “Faber Amico fragile” at the Carlo Felice Theater of Genoa is included in this documentary.

A new album “LIVE IN ITALY” is released: 2 cds and 2 dvds summing up the concerts of the Verona Arena and Milan San Siro Stadium containing 34 tracks, 4 of which unpublished. The album is preceded by the radiophonic single “Una Carezza”. The musicians working at the record are: Zucchero, Polo Jones, David Sancious, Kat Dyson, Mario Schilirò, Adriano Molinari, Massimo Greco, James Thompson, Beppe Caruso, Eric Daniel, Sara Grimaldi. After this, the band travels for the first time to Australia, where they will perform in 4 great concerts in its main cities.

After Australia the tour’s caravan leaves for England, where they held a series of concerts before the final part of the tour. “LIVE IN ITALY TOUR”, carried out in Italy’s main stadiums (with Jeff Beck in Rome as a surprise guest) closes one and a half years of concerts in 5 continents, nearly all of which scoring a full sold out.


Zucchero, accompanied by his daughter Irene, takes part in the Sanremo 2009 guest evening with the group composed of Vandelli, Battaglia, Fornaciari & Fio

Irene’s “VINTAGE BABY” album is released. Zucchero collaborates as one of the arrangers of the CD and is the author of the songs “Ora Che Non Vivo”, “Dimmi Delle Balle”, “Se Non Mi Vuoi”, “Ragazzo Solo (Take It Like A Man)”, “Sorelle D’Italia”, “Dolce Luna” and “Il Diavolo È Illuso (The Devil Is Loose)”

“HET BESTE VAN 2 METER SESSIES 1987-2009” is published, and includes an original version of “Diamante”

He’s a guest at the fourth edition of the Women’s World Awards held in Vienna

He performs before the Lille – Lyon football match at the De France Stadium

The Italian weekly magazine “TV Sorrisi E Canzoni” publishes Zucchero’s records in a boxed edition.

The Belgian TV and Radio company organizes a special program dedicated to Zucchero during which he performs live

Following the terrible earthquake that struck L’Aquila, Zucchero joins with other major Italian artists to record the “Domani 21-04-09” single. All the proceeds were to go towards the rebuilding, reinforcement and restoration of the “Alfredo Casella” Conservatory and of the “Teatro Stabile” (Permanent Theatre) of Abruzzo dell’Aquila

He’s a guest at the Lugano Exhibition Centre for the final of “Mister Switzerland”

He takes part in the presentation of Irene’s album “VINTAGE BABY”, which takes place on his “Lunisiana Soul” farm

He receives an award at the Wind Music Awards held at the Verona Arena for the 8 platinum discs for “LIVE IN ITALY” sales. During the event he sings “Wonderful Life” and “Baila (Sexy Thing)”

During the San Siro concert,  Bono, leader of U2, refers to Zucchero as a gift to Italian art alongside Pavarotti and Puccini

Zucchero is a guest at the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest in which he and Paul Haggis present an award to Sting. During the gala evening Zucchero gives a surprise performance with Sting and Andrea Bocelli. On the second day of the event Zucchero is presented an award by Sting and by Sting’s wife Trudie Styler

Zucchero takes part in the “46664 Make An Imprint” concert held to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday at the Radio City Music Hall in New York in which Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Will.I.Am, Josh Groban, Carla Bruni, Dave Stewart, Wyclef Jean, Alicia Keys, Angelique Kidjo, Whoopi Goldberg, Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman and many others are involved. Zucchero is introduced as “the biggest Italian rock star” and sings “You Are So Beautiful”. He then joins with the chorus made up of all the guests for a version of “Happy Birthday” sung by Stevie Wonder

After the railway disaster that took place in Viareggio, Zucchero organizes the “Concerto Per Viareggio – Per Non Dimenticare” (Concert for Viareggio – Lest we Forget) together with promoter Mimmo D’Alessandro. Accompanied by the house band composed of Massimo Marcolini (musical director-guitar), Andrea Cozzani (bass), Guido Carli (drums), Giuseppe Zito (keyboards), Eros Cristiani (keyboards), Joe Damiani (percussion), Sara Grimaldi and Stefania Orrico (backing vocals), Mario Schilirò (guitar), Derek Wilson (drums), James Thompson (sax) and Massimo Greco (trombone), Zucchero sings “Diavolo In Me” with Solomon Burke, “Baila (Sexy Thing)”, “Dio È Morto” with Bebbe Carletti of The Nomadi on piano, “Dune Mosse” with Jeff Beck on guitar, “Every Breath You Take” with Sting, “Fragile” with Sting and Jeff Beck, “Così Celeste” with the “Festival Puccini” Children’s Choir and “Miserere” in a virtual duet with Luciano Pavarotti on the giant screens

Zucchero opens the week of meetings with the Sanremolab 2009 candidates

Ornella Vanoni’s album “PIÙ DI TE” is released, containing the singer’s interpretation of “Dune Mosse”

The CD “R.EVOLUTION” by Solis is released containing the track “X Colpa Di Chi” sung by Zucchero.

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