2000 – 2001


In Genoa, accompanied by Luciano Luisi and Fabrizio De Andrè’s band, Zucchero performed “Ho visto Nina volare”, for a tribute to the Genoese singer/songwriter: “Faber, amico fragile… una serata per gli ultimi”, all profits from the evening, that saw the participation of many Italian artists, went to charity.

A compilation called “2 METER SESSIES VOLUME 9”, came out in Holland and included the studio recording of “Everybody’s Talkin’”.

Invited to Germany by Lothar Mattheus, an longtime fan, Zucchero played before this great German champion’s final match.

Once again present at “Pavarotti International”, Zucchero performed his “A wonderful world” ad “Everybody’s talking”, part of the OST to the film “Un uomo da marciapiede”, and, along with the other guests, sang “All you need is love”, by the Beatles. A video and CD were released in reduced format under the title “PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS FOR CAMBODIA AND TIBET”.

The full-length version of “Everybody’s talking” was released on Zucchero’s official site, and was recorded live during “Pavarotti International”. The song was never released on record.

Eighth edition of “The Sugar Night” “, Zucchero was present with his friends: Sorapis, Mino Vergnaghi, Maurizio Vandelli, Giorgia and sang: “Così celeste”, “I can’t turn you loose”, “Gimme some lovin’” with I Sorapis, “Proud Mary” and, “Long train running” with Mino Vergnaghi, “A salty dog”, “Io vagabondo”, “Io ho in mente te”, “29 settembre” with Maurizio Vandelli, “Un piccolo aiuto”, “Respect”, “Knock on wood” with Giorgia, “Before you accuse me” with I Sorapis, “Diavolo in me”,and “Per colpa di chi?”.

The CD “MOMENT OF GLORY” was released by the famous heavy metal group: the Scorpions with the Berlin Philarmonic orchestra, Zucchero sang “Send me an angel” with the group and orchestra.

A guest at “Expo 2000”, Zucchero performed “Va pensiero”, accompanied by the Berlin Philarmonic orchestra and “Send me an angel” with the Scorpions.

The CD “SOLIDAYS L’ALBUM” came out in France. It was a project organized to gather funds to fight AIDS in Africa; in the tracklist there’s a version of “Mama” sung by Zucchero with Johnny Hallyday, and “Qui sait?” a song by Erick Benzi interpreted by Zucchero, Anggun, Patrick Bruel, Stephan Eicher, Faudel, Peter Gabriel, Lââm, Lokua Kanza, Youssou N’Dour, Nourith and Axelle Red.


In Holland, a compilation was released called ‘HET BESTE UIT DENK AAN HENK DE LIVE SESSIES’ with an acoustic version of “Così celeste”.

At the “Festival di Sanremo” Zucchero was songwriter of two of the pieces presented: “Luce (tramonti a nord est)” sung by Elisa and “Di sole e d’azzurro” sung by Giorgia, the two songs came respectively first and second, and Elisa also won the critics prize.

Ninth edition of “Sugar Night”.

Bryan Adam’s album “THE BEST OF ME” was re-released and included Zucchero’s song “Io vivo (in te)”.

The single “Baila (sexy thing)” was released, anticipating by a few months the publication of the album.

The Italian version of the album SHAKE arrived on the market. The musicians were: Zucchero, Corrado Rustici (guitar/keyboard), Zachary Alford (drums), Polo Jones and Pino Palladino (bass), Luciano Luis Luisi (keyboards) and John O’Brien (planning); cooperating on the recording were: Mino Vergnaghi, Chance, Arthur Miles, James Thompson, Werther Dal Monte, David Sancious, Roy Rogers, Massimo Marcolini, Ray Charles, Davide Danzy Devito, Robyx and Sarah Eden Davis; and as special guest: John Lee Hooker; songwriters were: Zucchero, Hayes and Porter, Robyx, Luisi, Panella, De Gregori.

The new single “Ahum” arrived on the shelves.

The English version of “SHAKE” was released.The lyrics were translated by Sarah Eden Davis.

“Musica per viole e altri organi d’amore” (Music for Violas and other Love Organs) arrived in bookshops and was dedicated to Zucchero.

He was a guest of the “Red cross gala”, a charity event organised by the English Red Cross.

He took part as superguest in the “Fifa football world player gala”, Zurich, a famous gala in which the golden ball is awarded.

He celebrated the end of the year with a concert in Cagliari, which was a taste of the tour that was about to begin. The band accompanying him was made up of Luciano Luisi (MD/keyboards), Mario Schilirò (guitar), Gaetano Diodato (bass), Derek Wilson (drums), James Thompson (horn section) and Elaine Jackson (chorus).

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