1994 – 1995


Zucchero was back at the “Festival di Sanremo” as songwriter for Andrea Bocelli who took part in, and won, the young artist’s section with the song “Il mare calmo della sera”.

Andrea Bocelli’s first album “IL MARE CALMO DELLA SERA” came out, Zucchero wrote the songs: “Il mare calmo della sera”, “Rapsodia” and “Miserere”.

“DIAMANTE” was recorded, an LP for the Southern American market containing his most popular songs translated into Spanish by Fito Paez.

He started an eighteen-month-long tour in Southern America, to promote the newly released album.

He took part in Sugarties for “Woodstock 94”. The band was that of the tour with the addition of Lisa Hunt. A CD and video were released called “WOODSTOCK ’94”, the Zucchero song included was “Mama”.

“Sugar Night”, second edition.

A tribute album to Arthur Alexander was released in the United States called “ADIOS AMIGO”. Zucchero recorded “From now on” for the album.

A version of “White Christmas” was recorded with a children’s choir in Los Angeles, which went on to become the Christmas commercial for the pasta company Barilla; the profits were used to rebuild a school in Alessandria which was partially destroyed by flooding.


He was invited by Dan Aykroyd to perform in the House of Blues in a gala event to celebrate John Belushi’s 46th birthday. Zucchero sang “Diavolo in me” and “You are so beautiful” accompanied by the Blues Brothers Band; during the performance Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd danced on the stage wearing the traditional Blues Brothers suits.

World release of “SPIRITO DIVINO”, recorded in Italian, English and Spanish versions; the band was made up of: Zucchero, Corrado Rustici (guitar),Polo Jones (bass), Luciano Luisi (keyboards) and Steve Smith (drums); musicians also participating were: Rosario Jermano, Pat MacDonald, Lisa Hunt, Jenny Bersola, Mino Vergnaghi, Arthur Miles, Manuela Cortesi, Tessa Niles, Antonella Pepe, Katie Kissoon, New Orleans Gospel Choir (con. Lester Snell) and the O.L.S.M.M. choir; guests were: David Sancious, Johnnie Johnson, Sheila E., Clarence Clemmons, Jeff Beck, Leo Nocentelli, Andrew Love e Wayne Jackson; and songwriters: Zucchero, Luisi, De Gregori, Jovanotti, Salerno, MacDonald, Palladino, Clark, Addison, Paez, Toro and Andreu.

The mix “X COLPA DI CHI?” was published.

The video “THE RETURN OF THE BLUES BROTHERS” came out in the United States, recorded during the tribute evening to John Belushi, Zucchero sang “Diavolo in me”.

The song “Feels like a woman” was part of the Sound track to the film “French kiss”.

Zucchero took part in “Pavarotti International” performing: “X colpa di chi?”, “Così celeste” alongside Luciano Pavarotti and the small ‘Antoniano’ choir conducted by Mariele Ventre and, with various guests sang “Nessun dorma”; both a video and a CD were later released under the title “PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS FOR THE CHILDREN OF BOSNIA”.

After doing some dates in foreign festivals to prepare the band, the “SPIRITO DIVINO” tour started. The tour touched all main Italian and European cities. The musicians were: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Polo Jones (bass), James Thompson and Massimo Greco (horn section), Mario Schilirò (guitar), Frank Tontoh (drums), Lisa Hunt and Mino Vergnaghi (chorus singers).

Third edition of “Sugar Night”.

Zucchero won best album of the year at “Festivalbar”.

He and Nina Hagen presented the ‘Year’s Best Group’ award to U2 at the “MTV Europe Music Awards”, at the Zenith, Paris.

The first leg of the tour ended having had, as guests: Brian May, Paul Young, Francesco De Gregori, Corrado Rustici and Eric Clapton.

The video, “SPIRITO DIVINO” was released, containing new songs and live unreleased footage taken over the previous two years.

The Christmas edition of “SPIRITO DIVINO” was released with the CD single, “Un piccolo aiuto” live included as a gift; the project aimed at drawing the public’s attention on the problem of AIDS and all profits were donated to Prof. Montagnier’s foundation for research and prevention of the disease.

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