1990 – 1991


Start of the European tour, the band included: Corrado Rustici (guitar), Polo Jones (bass), David Sancious (piano), Luciano Luisi (keyboards), George Perry (drums), Beppe Martini (guitar), David Plews, James Thompson and Eric Daniel (brass section), Lisa Hunt (vocals). The first twelve shows were staged at the Royal Albert Hall, London and then continued all over Europe, as supporting artist to Eric Clapton.

“D’ORO INCENSO & BIRRA” was released, a new print of the album linked to a competition, with both record and cover gold in colour and numbered.

Zucchero wrote two songs for “LITTLE PIECE OF MAGIC”, Lisa Hunt’s album, and he participated as a chorus voice on one song.

He opened the “Festival rock del 1° Maggio” in Rome with “Dune mosse” and an ouverture of the piece, “Mama”, accompanied by Luciano Luisi (keyboards). The orchestra was conducted by Riz Ortolani.

Zucchero was invited by Al Green, to sing “Let’s stay together” at the “Festival Blues di Sanremo”.

He performed at the Kremlin, at the end of another European tour as headliner; the concert was broadcast live and included the participation of: Toni Childs, Randy Crawford, Jurij Kasparian and the Moscow Vivaldi orchestra,conducted by Peppe Vessicchio, as well as the normal band: Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Lele Melotti (drums), Andrea Braido (guitar), Polo Jones (bass), James Thompson (brass section), Lisa Hunt (chorus); there were: David Sancious (piano), Eric Daniel and Mike Applebaum (brass section), Marcia Cooper and April Randall (chorus).


Release of the single, “SENZA UNA DONNA (WITHOUT A WOMAN)”, sung with Paul Young. I reached number one positions in most of Europe, number two in Great Britain, and number four in the American charts.

Paul and Zucchero performed together at the sports festival “Moments of Glory”, they sang “Senza una donna” and “Everytime you go away”.

He wrote “Muoio per te”, the italian version of “Mad about you”, the piece was released on the Italian version of the album “THE SOUL CAGES”, by Sting and a duet of this version was also recorded.

He took part, with Sting in the “Gran premio internazionale della televisione”, they sang together “Muoio per te”.

Zucchero participated in the Italian leg of Sting’s world tour, singing together “Muoio per te” and “Every breath you take”, the Arena di Verona concert was filmed, and sold under the title “THE SOUL CAGES CONCERT”.

He wrote the song “La casa della speranza”, the Italian version of the Toni Child’s song “House of hope”, and can be found on the album “HOUSE OF HOPE”.

The English version of the album, “ZUCCHERO”, was released with duets of “Senza una donna” and “Diamante” sung respectively with Paul Young and Randy Crawford.

The single “DIAMANTE” was released, as a duet with Randy Crawford, and was a hit, both in Great Britain, and the United States.

His first live album was released, “LIVE AT THE KREMLIN”, the recording of the famous concert with songs not included in the live television broadcast like: “Come il sole all’improvviso” (with Randy Crawford) and “Pippo”.

The video, “LIVE AT THE KREMLIN”, arrived on the shelves.

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