1986 – 1987


The song “Donne” was presented at the “Festival di Sanremo”: it came second last, but soon the single DONNE/TI FARO’ MORIRE became one of the most popular in the charts.

The album ‘ZUCCHERO & THE RANDY JACKSON BAND’ was released, the band was made up of: Zucchero, Corrado Rustici (guitar), Randy Jackson (bass), George Perry (drums) and Walter Afanatieff (keyboards); others appearing on the album were: Naemy Hackett, Giulia Fasolino, Fio Zanotti, Lele Melotti, Giampaolo Gianoglio, Renè Mantegna, Luigi Mucciolo, Claudio Pascoli, Elio Danna, Luigi Tonet, Rossana Casale and Betty Vittori; apart from Zucchero songs were also written by: Salerno, Cheope and Mogol.

Promotional tour for the ZUCCHERO & THE RANDY JACKSON BAND.

He took part in the “Festival di San Vincent” with the song “Ti farò morire”; the mix QUASI QUASI/TI FARO’ MORIRE was released.

He took part in “Italy for Italy”, in Trento, a charity event in support of victims of floods: on live tv, he performed “Un piccolo aiuto” and “Donne”.

He was present once again at the “Festival di Sanremo” with the song “Canzone triste”, and this time too, the song CANZONE TRISTE/UN PICCOLO AIUTO was very well received by the public.

The album ‘RISPETTO’ was released, the band was made up of: Zucchero, Corrado Rustici (guitar), Randy Jackson (bass), David Sancious (keyboards) and Giorjo Francis Perry (drums); with, as guests: Narada Michael Walden, Brian Auger; and also: Eric Daniel, Rosario Jermano, Frank Raya, Gwen Audrey Aantti, Holly Pearson, Fausia Salema, Naimy Hackett, Silvio Pozzoli, Jane Hill, Peppe Vessicchio and Raimondo Marsilli; songwriters were: Zucchero, Salerno and Paoli.

The promotional tour for ‘RISPETTO’ began, and the band that took part included: Beppe Martini (guitar), Gepy Frattali (bass), Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Rosario Jermano (percussion), Frank Raya (sax), Michele Leonardi (drums), Gwen Aantti, Fausia Salema, eventually substituted with Babe Hamilton (chorus).

The mix RISPETTO was released, with the same piece used for the “Festivalbar” competition.

The tour ends with the guests Gino Paoli and Rossana Casale.

At the final of “Festivalbar”, having won the first prize, he performed an original version of “Come il sole all’improvviso”.

He took part in “Club Tenco” with Gino Paoli, they performed a version of “Come il sole all’improvviso” accompanying each other at the piano, and with Eric Daniel on the sax as a solo.

The single COME IL SOLE ALL’IMPROVVISO/UNA RAGIONE PER VIVERE, came out, with all profits from the single going to the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association: the song “Come il sole all’improvviso” was performed together with Gino Paoli, and the track “Una ragione per vivere” included an orchestra section not present on the album version.


The LP, ‘BLUE’S’ was released on the market; the band included: Zucchero, Corrado Rustici (guitar), David Sancious (keyboards), Giorgio Perry (drums) and Polo Jones (bass), other musicians taking part were: Eric Daniel, Rosario Jermano, Aida, Simona Pirone, Arthur Miles, James Thompson and the male choir from the Seventh Adventist Church; special guests were: Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson (the Memphis Horns) and Clarence Clemmons; the songwriters were: Zucchero, Paoli, Figliè, Jones, Poggiani and Mammoliti.

The ‘BLUE’S’ tour took off, and the accompanying band was: Beppe Martini (guitar), Gepy Frattali (bass), Luciano Luisi (keyboards), Jody Lindscott (percussion), Michele Leonardi (drums), Eric Daniel, Mike Applebaum and James Thompson (horns) e Lisa Hunt (chorus).

He did three concerts with his idol, Joe Cocker, they sang together an incredible version of “With a little help from my friends”.

The mix single CON LE MANI/NON TI SOPPORTO PIU’ was released.

SENZA UNA DONNA/NON TI SOPPORTO PIU’ arrived on the shelves, with a poster of the artist as a free gift.

He competed and won “Festivalbar” with the album BLUE’S.

At the ‘Palaeur di Roma’, at the end of the tour, the ‘Memphis Horns’ were the horn section; other guests during the tour were: Corrado Rustici, Polo Jones, George Perry, Joe Cocker and Gino Paoli.

The videotape, ‘ZUCCHERO SUGAR FORNACIARI’ was released, made up of a collection of videoclips and an unpublished interview by Kay.

As a guest on a TV programme he performed, along with Solomon Burke, “Come il sole all’improvviso”.

The Christmas version of ‘BLUE’S’ was released with Santa Claus on the cover.

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